Booth Description

▶ Shell-scheme Booth Include

•System walls •Fascia board,•Flooring(Pytex)
•3 spotlights •1 electrical outlet(220v, 1kw)•1 information desk & 2 chairs

▶ The detailed dimensions are written in the exhibition manual

▶ 'Raw-space only' Include

• Raw-space does not include walls, furniture, floor covering
(Only procides the floor area)

▶ Due to safety policy, the 'Raw-space only' booth contractor must be registered in the Songdo Convensia in advance.

▶ Common Inclusion

• 2 conference tickets per one booth(A size basic)
(incl. access to the conference area, social events, refreshments and lunch in exhibition areas, proceedings)
• Exhibiting companies will be listed in the exhibitor directory and official website
※Additional services and equipment(furniture, electricity, internet, etc.) can be offered via official partners
※Further details can be found in the exhibition manual
Booth Rates
Booth Type Shell-scheme Raw-space
A (3mX3m) US$ 7,900 US$ 7,300

-1 booth size is 3mx3m (total 9m2)

-All B,C,D & E size booths are sold out