Welcome Reception Gala Dinner Cultural Night
Date 27 May 2024 29 May 2024 30 May 2024
Location Exhibition Hall Grand Ballroom Exhibition Hall 4
Attendee Open to Everyone Registration Required Registration Required
Theme Casual Networking Sounds of Korea
Traditional & Modern
Taste & Play of Korea

Cultural Night

Exhibition Hall No.4 (30 May 2024)
Pre-registration: Pre-registration for the event is required.

Indulge in the ultimate relaxation and cultural exploration experience at our Cultural Night event!

The event will be held at Exhibit Hall No.4, where you can immerse yourself in various aspects of Korean culture.

You'll have the opportunity to savor authentic Korean cuisine, beverages, and entertainment.

Participate in traditional games, embrace Korean culture by donning a Hanbok, and create cherished memories on the final night of WCNDT.

The evening will culminate in a mesmerizing performance by a talented traditional dance team and a special demonstration of Taekwondo-do by the national demonstration team, which is guaranteed to be the highlight of the evening.