Cloak Room Service
A cloak room is prepared at Room 103 for your luggage, bags, poster cases, and other small items during the conference hours.
You will be provided with a luggage tag when you store the item, which you MUST bring with you when you come back to collect your item.

Room 103, 1F, Songdo ConvensiA

Operation Hours
Monday, 27 May – 08:00-18:00
Tuesday, 28 May – 08:00-18:00
Wednesday, 29 May – 08:00-18:00
Thursday, 30 May – 08:00-18:00
Friday, 31 May – 08:00-16:00

Please be advised that any unclaimed items after 16:00 on Friday, 31 May will be discarded.
The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any lost items – please do not store any valuables at the cloak room.